Services available via the national emergency number 122


 The province of Lower Austria operates the Lower Austria Provincial Warning Centre, which takes calls to the national public speed-dial number for emergency services 122 (fire brigade) for the Bruck/Leitha, Gmünd, Horn, Hollabrunn, Tulln, Waidhofen/Thaya and Zwettl administrative districts. In this context, the Provincial Warning and Alarm Centre acts as a fire brigade alarm centre.

None; users are contacted via the emergency telephone number in the event of an emergency.

None; the emergency numbers are available to everyone 24/7.

None; the Telecommunications Act 2021 stipulates the free use of all emergency numbers.

Telekommunikationsgesetz [Telecommunications Act] 2021

Kommunikationsparameter-, Entgelt- und Mehrwertdiensteverordnung [Communications Parameters, Fees and Value-Added Services Ordinance] 2009

NÖ Alarmierungsverordnung [Lower Austria Alert Regulation] 2001

In an emergency, the user can contact the Provincial Warning and Alarm Centre free of charge via the emergency number 122. The Provincial Warning and Alarm Centre will then initiate all necessary measures.

The emergency number can be dialled from any telephone and you are routed to the relevant fire brigade alarm centre based on your location.

The application does not need to be authenticated or signed.

The act of receiving emergency calls is to be classified as a simple sovereign act. An appeal is only possible if this results in a sovereign act.

Public liability claims may be asserted.

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