Mountain guide licence - granting - application


The professional guiding and accompanying of persons on mountain and ski tours as well as the professional instruction of persons in the skills and knowledge required for mountain and ski tours requires the granting of a licence as a mountain guide by the district administrative authority. This licence is granted under certain conditions.

Guiding and accompanying people on mountain and ski tours as well as instructing people in the skills and knowledge required for mountain and ski tours is deemed to be commercial if it is carried out in return for payment or in order to gain some other economic advantage, regardless of the purpose for which it is intended.

Simple application including documents proving fulfilment of the legally required conditions.

A licence must be obtained before the intended commercial guiding and accompanying of persons on mountain and ski tours and before the commercial instruction of persons in the skills and knowledge required for mountain and ski tours.

  • Administrative fee
    in accordance with the Lower Austrian Provincial Administrative Fees Ordinance 2001, StF: Provincial Law Gazette 3800/1-0 and in accordance with the Lower Austrian Provincial Administration Tax Tariff 2024 (NÖ Landes-Verwaltungsabgabentarif 2024), StF: Provincial Law Gazette No 61/2023 (III. Sports matters, item 24.) as amended in each case
  • Fees
    Fees Act 1957 (Gebührengesetz 1957), StF: Federal Law Gazette No 267/1957 (WV) as amended.
    Please inquire in advance with the competent authority.

The district administrative authority shall grant a mountain guide licence upon application if the applicant fulfils the provisions of Section 15(2) of the Lower Austrian Sports Act, Provincial Law Gazette 5710-9.

  • Austrian citizenship, citizenship of an EU or EEA Member State or of the Swiss Confederation, or third-country nationals who are long-term residents within the meaning of Directive 2003/109/EC or family members within the meaning of Directive 2004/38/EC
  • The required mental aptitude,
  • Reliability within the meaning of the Austrian Trade Act 1994 (Gewerbeordnung 1994)
  • Physical aptitude
  • Professional qualification (final examination in accordance with Annex A.7 of the Ordinance of the Federal Minister for Education and the Arts on aptitude tests, final examinations and qualifying examinations at schools for the training of physical education and sports teachers) and practical experience
  • Third-party liability insurance cover

NB: Persons who do not have Austrian nationality may also provide proof of good repute and non-bankruptcy (reliability) and physical aptitude by means of a certificate issued by the competent institution of their home or country of origin.

Carrying out mountain guide activities without a licence is an administrative offence punishable by a fine of up to EUR 2.200.

District administrative authority of the municipality of residence 

The application does not need to be authenticated or signed.

A decision may be appealed against. The appeal must be submitted in writing within 4 weeks to the authority that issued the decision. The time limit begins with the delivery of the written application or, in the case of an oral announcement, with the latter.

The appeal must also indicate the decision against which it is directed and include the relevant authority, the basis for asserting unlawfulness, the form of order sought, and the information required in order to assess whether the appeal has been filed within the specified deadline. An appeal is no longer admissible if, after the issuance or announcement of the decision, the party expressly waives the appeal.

Moreover, all decisions must contain instructions on the right of appeal, including information on the authority with which the appeal must be filed and the corresponding deadline.


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